Auto Parts You Can Trust – Serving Biloxi, MS

With all the auto parts dealers available to you in and around Biloxi, MS, how do you know which one you can trust? Which one offers the best quality parts and superior customer service?

You choose the one that’s been proudly serving customers for over 20 years. The one whose sales and service staff have over 125 years’ experience between them, and the one with an extensive inventory of over 100 000 new and remanufactured auto parts. You choose Maximum Auto Parts.

Locally owned and operated, Maximum Auto Parts is a small, independent business run on Christian ethics and principles. We put those ethics, and our wealth of experience, into everything we do.

We are passionate about customer satisfaction and service. If we don’t have the auto part you’re looking for in Biloxi, MS, we’ll find it for you – usually within 24 hours. We also repair and custom build:

  • Hydraulic hoses and lines

  • Power steering and brake hoses and lines

  • Automotive fuel and transmission hoses and lines

  • Automotive air conditioning hoses

Usually within 24 hours!

Automotive Paint , Tools and Accessories

To keep your vehicle operating smoothly and efficiently, it’s important to make sure fluids such as brake fluid, power steering fluid etc. are always topped up. We stock an extensive range of brand name fluids – come and talk to one of our specialists about which one is right for you.

Because we believe in looking after the outside of your vehicle as well as the inside, we stock a wide range of quality auto paint and will mix exactly the right shade for your vehicle. We can also show you exactly how to use the right tools to get a perfect finish.

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